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YT(1)			    General Commands Manual			 YT(1)

     yt – play URLs extracted by youtube-dl in a media player

     yt [-hp] [-e offset] [-o option] [-s offset] [-y option] [url...]

     The yt command wraps around youtube-dl(1) and a media player such as
     mpv(1) or mplayer(1).  Each url is retrieved by youtube-dl(1) and then
     saved to a temporary file.	 That file is then used as a playlist for the
     media player.

     Unless the -p flag is passed, yt will only play one video - even if url
     points to a playlist.

     The options are as follows:

     -e offset
	     End playback for playlists at offset.

     -h	     Send help.	 Quickly, please, if not too much hassle.

     -o option
	     Pass the option string to the media player.

     -p	     Let youtube-dl(1) interpret each url as a playlist.

     -s offset
	     Start playing playlists from offset

     -y option
	     Pass the option string to youtube-dl(1).

     Play videos 4 to 10 in a playlist:
	   % yt -ps 4 -e 10

     Start playing the video in the clipboard and seek to 10:30 (with mpv(1)):
	   % yt -o --start=10:30

     mplayer(1), mpv(1), youtube-dl(1)

     Probably. Please report any bugs by mail.

     yt was created before mpv(1) had its own youtube-dl(1) hook. Nowadays, it
     serves as a simple alternative to those allergic to Lua.

     yt was written by Wolfgang Müller <>.

				 July 28, 2017