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GIT-PACKAGE(1)		    General Commands Manual		GIT-PACKAGE(1)

     git-package – create an archive of a named tree suitable for distribution

     git package [-f format] tree-ish [path...]

     git-package creates an archive of a named tree (or specific paths within
     that tree, if specified) that is suitable for distribution on the world
     wide web.	It saves the archive to <name>-<tree-ish>.<format>, where name
     is the title of the repository.  For supported archive formats, see
     git-archive(1).  A default archive format can be set via git-config(1),
     using the package.format option.

     The options are as follows:

     -f format
	     The format to archive tree-ish as.	 Defaults to package.format,
	     or tar.gz if unset.

     git(1), git-archive(1), git-config(1)

     git-package was written due to the lack of a convenient tool to create
     release archives for distribution.	 git-archive(1) was considered, but
     was found to be too burdensome to be deployed regularly.

     git-package was written by Erin Kinsley <> and Wolfgang
     Müller <>.

			       November 16, 2017